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Kr. 119.927 | Mette M.W Cristoffersen | Clinical outcomes after elective repair for small umbilical – Hernias.  Ph D afhandling

Kr. 36.326 | Morten Bundgaard –Nielsen | Perioperative  individualized goal directed fluid therapy – Dr. disputats

Kr. 118.700 | Claus Anders Berthselsen | Disease- free survival after after complete mesocolic Excision compared to with conventional colon cancer Surgery : a retrospective population based study. Artikel  I The lancet Short-term outcomes after complete meso-Colic excision compared with “ conventional “ Colonic cancer surgery Artikel I British Journal of surgery

Kr. 90.000 | Peter Christensen | Colonic irrigation for disordered defecation – Dr. disputats

Kr. 65.229 | Kim Wildgaard | The post-thoracotomy pain syndrome –epedimiological, Psychophysical and social consequences – Ph D afhandling

Kr. 120.000 | Malene Aagaard Hansen | Ultrasonography for radical artery catheterization Artikel I Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavia

Kr. 135.000 | Lars S. Bjerregaard | Early chest tube removal after video-assisted thoracic Surgery Artikel I European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery samt ph D afhandling – Postoperative urinary retention  > in fast-track total hip and knee arthroplasty

Kr. 72.000 | Jesper Kjærgaard | Mortality following emergency groin hernia surgery in Denmark Arkikel I Hernia

Kr. 75.000 | Eske Kvanner Aasvang | Heterogeneous sensory processing  in persistent Postherniotomy pain/Clinical and neuropsychological Characterization of persistent postherniotomy pain Artikel I Pain og Dr. disputants

Kr. 65.723 | Henrik Husted | Fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty – Dr. disputats

Kr. 60.000 | Dunja Kokotovic | Watchful waiting as a treatment strategy for patients with A ventral hernia appears to be safe Artikel  i Hernia